First look: Commissioner Gordon takes a punch from Batman in DC's new Kings of Fear 2

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:57 AM EDT (Updated)

Like the colors of the rainbow, there is a different Batman for different readers. Some are drawn to the detective aspect, others like the Gotham vigilante, and he's even versatile enough to star in a mature horror story.

On other occasions, Batman is a character who can showcase an artist — and that's a big reason to pick up the six-issue miniseries Batman: Kings of Fear. The run features the art of legend Kelley Jones, who is best known for works like Sandman, and the vampire Batman trilogy: Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, Bloodstorm, and Crimson Mist.  His long-pointed ears and endless cape drapery is an interpretation of Batman that has stood the test of time.

Batman Kings of Fear #2 Page 1

Batman Kings of Fear #2 Page 1 by Kelley Jones

Written by former Batman editor, Scott Peterson, Batman: Kings of Fear is a story about the Caped Crusader wrestling with self-doubt, which has left a crack in the door for the Scarecrow to ignite a riot in Arkham Asylum, prompting Batman to race in. But Scarecrow expects Batman to react, and is ready with a case of extra-strength fear gas that multiplies the psychological spiral the Dark Knight finds himself in. 

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive first look at the first six pages of Batman: Kings of Fear #2, with the effects of the fear gas still messing with Batman. Check it out and gush over Jones' splash pages and sequential art. Look for it at your local comic shop or in digital formats on September 26.

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