First look at Fox's Exorcist, time-travel comedy Making History, and animated hybrid Son of Zorn

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May 17, 2016, 11:45 AM EDT

Fox is keeping up its commitment to genre material next season, and we now have our first look at a high-profile horror series and two bizzaro sci-fi comedies. 

Broadcast network up-front presentations are in full swing, and Fox has dropped the first trailers for several different projects. One of the most buzzed is the small-screen adaptation of The Exorcist, which is an updated retelling of William Friedkin’s classic 1973 possession film. This version features a starring role for veteran film star Geena Davis as the mother of a young woman who is seemingly possessed, and follows the priests attempting to cast the demon out. The trailer shows promise but lacks anything as genuinely scary as the film that inspired it. Which, yeah, that’s a tall order on broadcast TV.

Check out the trailer below:



Along with The Exorcist, Fox is also leaning heavy into quirky comedies this season, led by two Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street, Last Man on Earth) projects. The funniest (at least judging by the trailers) looks to be Making History, the story of two friends who travel back to colonial America to escape their mundane lives. It also stars Adam Pally, who was one of the best things about the all-too-short-lived Happy Endings.

Check out the trailer below:



The other Miller and Lord project, Son of Zorn, is an animated/live-action hybrid that is basically He-Man brought into the real world. The series follows animated character Zorn (the voice of Jason Sudeikis), who returns to California in an effort to win back the love of his ex-wife and son. It looks like a high-concept comedy premise along the same lines as Last Man on Earth, and it hits all the crazy notes you’d expect if a He-Man knockoff were to walk into the local corner market. It could definitely be a good, outside-the-box fit with the Family Guy and Last Man on Earth lineup.

Check out the trailer below:



Along with these genre and genre-adjacent projects, Fox is also prepping some other interesting shows for next season. There’s the Prison Break revival, which stars a fair share of familiar faces from Legends of Tomorrow, plus the 24 revival series Legacy. The network is also putting together a Lethal Weapon adaptation starring Damon Wayans Sr. The original baseball drama Pitch, about a female pitcher trying to make it in the big leagues, is also generating some early love.

Which of these shows do you plan on checking out?

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