First look at Ghostbusters’ Chris Hemsworth and his alternative to the ECTO-1

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Aug 18, 2015, 11:12 AM EDT

With his blond hair and beefy good looks, Chris Hemsworth has been many a fangirl and fanboy’s idea of attractive. His role in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, however, will be downplaying his features—to a comical degree. 

In the first picture released of Hemsworth, we see his face masked by birth-control glasses, riding a motor scooter and dressed in the world’s most ridiculous team costume this side of bad bridesmaid’s dresses

According to Vanity Fair, Hemsworth’s character, Kevin, will be playing the male equivalent of Janine, the overworked secretary/receptionist who had a crush on one of the Ghostbusting trio, Egon Spengler.  

Will Kevin find himself attracted to the female equivalent of Egon? As someone who has a permanent crush on Egon, I would love to see it happen. Because no matter how good-looking Hemsworth is, nothing beats a man who collects spores, molds and fungi


Via Vulture.