First look: Legends of Tomorrow has the team saving a young Barack Obama, plus John Noble

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The CW’s time-travel series Legends of Tomorrow has dabbled in recent historical figures ever since it launched, and now the show is set to go even wackier with a younger version of a certain former president being menaced by a super-smart gorilla. Thanks, Obama.

The first footage and pics from the episode “Guest Starring John Noble” have been released, and though the new guest star gets top billing (Noble has provided the voice for this season’s big bad Mallus the past several months), the story looks to revolve around Gorilla Grodd’s attempt to attack a young Barack Obama. The episode will find Sara and Rip teaming up to try and stop Grodd, while Nate and Wally go after Amaya in an effort to stop her from changing her own future in 1992 (and perhaps with an old-lady Amaya along for the ride?).

Check out the teaser below:

As for the pics, we get to see the team and Darhk milling around, plus our first look at Noble in person for a cameo. The creative team has teased that Noble will be playing himself, and judging from the pic, it seems the Legends track the actor down while he’s on a film set in costume (rocking one heck of a wig). It'll be interesting to see how Noble fits into the story.

The network is also promising an “uneasy alliance” with an enemy to stop Mallus in this episode, which looks to be setting up the season finale faceoff quite a bit. After seeing how upset Damien Darhk is about his daughter being possessed, could he team up with the Legends for a final battle with the demon inside his daughter?

“Guest Starring John Noble” airs April 2 on The CW.