First look at Marvel's brand-new spin on Planet Hulk coming in 2015

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Oct 16, 2014, 5:31 PM EDT

Marvel seems to be dusting off more than a few classic arcs recently, and it seems one of Bruce Banner’s most iconic stories will also be making a comeback. Get ready for more Planet Hulk.

The acclaimed 2006-2007 Planet Hulk comic arc found Hulk shot off into space and forced to become a gladiator on an alien planet as he tries to fight his way home. It was one heck of a fun run, and fans have been clamoring for a film adaptation ever since. It remains a long shot, but still, it’d be cool as hell to see this imagine on the big screen with a big budget.

As Newsarama confirms, Marvel is bringing the Planet Hulk story back for another round in 2015 — though the debut art by Mukesh Singh indicates it’ll apparently put a few twists on the formula. For one thing, the “Summer 2015” artwork shows a planet full of Hulks (literally) duking it out, along with Devil Dinosaur and a savage-looking version of Captain America diving headfirst into the fight with an ax. 

The original report seems to think the new Planet Hulk (and everything from the upcoming Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies to Years of Future Past) could tie into Marvel’s bigger plans for a new Secret Wars arc. Or, you know, maybe Marvel is just totally trolling us. We don’t know, but we’re dying to find out.

So what do you think Marvel is cooking up?

(Via Newsarama)