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Teen Titans #25 Variant Cover by Alex Garner

First look: Origin of Lobo's daughter Crush is explored in Teen Titans #25

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:54 AM EDT (Updated)

If you haven't already, start becoming aware of all things related to Lobo. His profile is getting bigger on television with his arrival on SYFY's Krypton and in the comics, we're about to learn more about his offspring. That's right, for those who haven't been reading the current run on Teen Titans, Lobo has a girl named Crush and she's been raised on Earth to be full of teen rage and fire burning within. She first appeared in Teen Titans #20 when writer Adam Glass and artist Bernard Chang began their current story. Glass has shared with us before who Crush is and what made her a crucial pick for Robin's newest iteration of the Teen Titans, but the identity of her mother and her origin are still part of her many mysteries.

Some of them will be revealed in tomorrow's release of Teen Titans #25, written by Glass, with art by the creative team of Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Sunny Gho. SYFY WIRE has the exclusive seven-page preview of the extra-sized 25th issue.

Teen Titans #25 Page 3

Teen Titans #25 Page 3 by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Sunny Gho

DC Comics is sure to want to keep Crush's mother a long-term mystery, because she abandoned Crush too. Still, there's plenty we don't know about Crush other than her extra-tough exterior and hot-headed temper. There were hints dropped in the current story arc about Crush's foster parents, David and Lisa Rojas, as Robin dangled information about them in front of her like a carrot to keep her interested in being a part of the Teen Titans.

"We are going to meet them and find out how they contributed to her life both good and bad," Glass exclusively told SYFY WIRE. "Nobody is perfect but love and relationships are always messy."

"We’re going to learn a lot about Crush. You think you know her, well get ready to be surprised. She’s not just all pain and violence. Like all of us, there are many sides to her. We’re going to see some of those in this issue." In our seven-page preview, you'll see Crush drag another Teen Titans newcomer and team genie, Djinn with her as they hotwire one of Robin's toys on the way to some coordinates that she obtained from the Boy Wonder. Could this be the start of at least a friend for Crush on the team? Besides Robin and Roundhouse, Crush hasn't opened up to many of her teammates and like everyone else, she has gotten into her fair share of arguments with Red Arrow.

Teen Titans #25 Page 4

Teen Titans #25 Page 4 by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Sunny Gho

As we see, above, Red Arrow nearly stumbles on Crush and Djinn's joyride, but as the team skeptic, she's already been uneasy about Roundhouse and Djinn. Where does she stand with the mysterious Crush?

"Red Arrow sees Crush’s potential," adds Glass. "But she also knows that without discipline all that potential means nothing. So she’s going to wait and see how Crush develops, she’ll help her if Crush wants it and show her the door if she doesn’t pull it together."

Glass and Chang's Teen Titans has been a fun ride so far, but a lot of it has been hinting at big impact stories on the horizon. That's what makes this upcoming issue one not to miss. As we start digging deeper at some of these new members, the better this team dynamic will become, with Crush having the most potential. Check out SYFY WIRE's exclusive seven-page preview of Teen Titans #25 out tomorrow, December 19 in print at your local comic shop or in digital.

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