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First Lost in Space trailer brings the Robinsons to Netflix

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Feb 21, 2018, 11:24 AM EST (Updated)

After more than half a century, the Robinsons are going back to space thanks to Netflix. Lost in Space, the sci-fi colonization show about a regular family leaving Earth, is now much closer to science than its science-fictional origins.

That means John (Toby Stephens), Maureen (Molly Parker), Judy (Taylor Russell), Penny (Mina Sundwall), and Will (Max Jenkins) Robinson aren’t just revamping the 1965 series, they’re inspiring the generation that could fulfill it.

That scientific duty, the culmination of all the things humankind has done up to that point, is the subject of the newly released trailer—one that mixes awe and history in equal measure while lighting its pioneers in angelic golden light.

Watch it below:


Also featuring Parker Posey as the mysterious and foreboding Dr. Smith and Ignacio Serricchio as the lovable Han Solo of the group, Don West, Lost in Space is ready for everything in this idyllic and idealistic picture to go completely wrong. And they do, if the small clip of the colony’s crash landing is any indication.

We even get a robotic “Danger, Will Robinson” thrown in there for good measure. Classic.

Lost In Space will launch on Netflix on 13 April.

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