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First official image from live-action Monster Hunter film is very promising

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Nov 21, 2018, 4:50 PM EST (Updated)

The live-action adaptation of Monster Hunter looks like it's coming together, and the first official look at the film is very promising.

This first official image, shared by Sony Pictures on Twitter, shows stars Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa in full costume, complete with Jaa carrying a Giant Jawblade. While they certainly look like very faithful renditions of their pixelated counterparts, the story will take liberties with some of the characters.

Milla Jovovich Tony Jaa MONSTER HUNTER

(Credit: Sony Pictures)

From the set in South Africa, director Paul W.S. Anderson explained to IGN that Jovovich's character, Natalie Artemis, isn't based on any one character from the game. Instead, Artemis will be "the game player, in a way, she is the audience’s avatar, their way into the world."

Artemis' equipment, however, is all taken directly from the video game. Similarly, Jaa's Hunter is patterned pretty closely after Field Team Leader from Monster Hunter: World, the most recent installment in the series. In addition to the Jawblade, he's also carrying the Great Hunter's Bow.

Interestingly, the first unofficial images we saw of the film were candid shots from Jovovich's Instagram. The first showed her with co-stars T.I. Harris and Meagan Good lounging around in much more conventional military gear. The second, however, showed Jovovich in armor sporting a slinger, as she is in the photo above, so it'll be interesting to see how this will all come together on the big screen.

The Monster Hunter game franchise first launched back in 2004, and has since led to five main series games along with scores of offshoots, including mobile and online platforms. It's also inspired an anime series, a manga, and a card game.

This is also the second Capcom franchise spun into a big-screen adaptation from Anderson and Jovovich, who are also husband and wife. The two previously worked together on six Resident Evil films, and have similar hopes that they'll have the same success with making Monster Hunter a multi-film franchise.

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(via IGN)