First official look at Iris West suited up on The Flash

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Feb 22, 2018, 2:33 PM EST (Updated)

Team Flash leader Iris West-Allen will be suiting up in an upcoming episode of The Flash and The CW has unveiled our first look at star Candice Patton sporting a spiffy superhero outfit. Yep, there's going to be a new speedster in town.

Aptly titled “Run, Iris, Run,” (an obvious play on “run, Barry, run”) the episode slated to air on March 13 will see Iris inherit Barry’s (Grant Gustin) speedy superpowers during a battle with a new bus meta going by the name of Matthew/Melting Pot (Leonardo Nam), who has the power of swapping people’s DNA. With the new villain let loose in Central City, Iris will have to take on Barry’s role as the city’s new speedster hero, while Barry will take his new wife’s place and act as team leader in what will hopefully be a fun role-reversal episode.

Check out Iris' superhero outfit:

Candice Patton The Flash suited up

Whether or not Iris will go by the name of The Flash during the episode remains to be seen but it’s interesting to note that her costume looks a bit more like that of Jesse Quick (Violett Beane), albeit with a white and blue color scheme, rather than the costume worn by the Scarlet Speedster and that of her brother Wally, aka Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale). But we’re digging what we see. Also of note: There's no Flash logo on the costume.

One thing for sure, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) will probably have pulled an all-nighter to get that outfit ready for the Fastest Woman Alive and at least, she didn’t have to wait as long as poor Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) had to in order to get his own official superhero costume.

The Flash returns with a new episode of Feb. 27.

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