First Power Rangers trailer from NYCC actually looks pretty good

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Oct 11, 2016, 2:22 PM EDT (Updated)

After leaking early Saturday morning, Lionsgate has gone ahead and dropped the first official trailer for the Power Rangers reboot

The trailer gives us our first real look at the new Rangers in action, and a peek into the plot of the new film, an origin story, of course. It's obvious they're attempting to update (and grow up) the original series from the early 90s. Gone are the low-budget effects, replaced by the kind of CGI action we've become used to from big screen adventures.

Here are a few quick observations from a first viewing of the trailer:


Breakfast Club alien superheroes

The origin story setup seems to be one of the biggest departures from the original series, which didn't worry about explaining to audiences how the Rangers became Rangers. In the film, our setup is pretty much The Breakfast Club. Five teenagers stuck in school on Saturdays who end up finding some kind of alien artifact in the woods which essentially turns them all into superheroes.

It's all looking like pretty standard teenage superhero fare - mean girls and bullies and playing with our new superpowers - but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be bad. These scenes seem to focus more on RJ Cyler's Billy/Blue Ranger, and if they're all having as much fun as he is, it could make for an entertaining ride.

We also get a look at Kimberly/Pink Ranger and Jason/Red Ranger, who are looking a bit like the quintessential movie couple (where's Tommy?!). We also get a glimpse into what looks like each of their main conflicts: Kimberly dealing with her mean girl "friends" and Jason with his daddy issues.

We don't get much of from our remaining Rangers, Trini/Yellow Ranger and Zach/Black Ranger. Hopefully, we'll see more of them in future clips and trailers.

Rita Repulsa

Speaking of fleeting glimpses, we also got a very quick look at Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa. She appears for a moment hovering over Kimberly's bed threatening that she's "killed Rangers before."

But she's about it for villains. The trailer focused much more on the introducing the Rangers than anything else, and didn't leave much time to introduce the major adversaries. Repulsa is obviously one, but other than her desire to kill the Rangers we don't know much about her motivations.

Of course, this is only a first look at the film, which won't be released until March 24, 2017..

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