First teaser for Some Kind of Hate aims at being a feminist slasher

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Apr 28, 2015

A 17-year-old dead girl is resurrected to seek revenge. Is that feminist? That's the question the new movie from director Adam Egypt Mortimer is trying to answer in the affirmative. Some Kind of Hate is slated to premiere at the Stanley Film Festival this Saturday, May 2, but you can see the first teaser for it right now.

Whether this take on the supernatural slasher is actually feminist is anyone's guess at this point, but the assertion certainly makes for an interesting conversation. What we know is that the narrative centers around a tormented teenage boy who resurrects a girl who was bullied to suicide so that she can carry out vengeance for both of them.

Mortimer's feminist claim in part comes from the fact that this femme Jason Vorhees talks.

Our slasher has an intense emotional life. It's like, at her core she’s a 17-year-old girl whose emotions just spiraled completely. She gets to talk about the reasons for her desire for revenge. It’s really chilling to see this blood soaked girl with this razor blade shrieking at people about why she‘s killing them.

The idea of a girl being the slasher is an interesting one, but it's not the first. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane takes a similar, if more slice-of-life, tack. The notion of outright calling a slasher "feminist," however, is both bold and interesting.

But can a girl who, at first blush, doesn't seem to have an agency that is entirely her own be a feminist horror antagonist? We're certainly willing to plunk down the change to find out. How about you?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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