First terrifying trailer for Extraterrestrial is Close Encounters turned R-rated horror

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Sep 11, 2014

Though there’ve been a ton of low-to-mid-budget horror films in recent years, not many have focused on the ol’ alien-invasion trope. Well, get ready for Extraterrestrial.

The sci-fi horror thriller debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and locked up distribution on the way to a VOD release on Oct. 17. To help build some buzz, the studio has dropped the first official trailer to give us a glimpse at the killer E.T.s out to maim and abduct a group of young co-eds.

The trailer is solid and shows off some nice visuals and tense moments with a cast of characters that you’ll almost certainly vaguely recognize from somewhere. If nothing else, it’s nice to see the mid-budget horror genre taking a shot on a straight-up sci-fi flick, as opposed to the glut of possession stories we’ve been getting lately. 

Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

The film follows April (Brittany Allen), who is still reeling from her parents’ divorce when she’s dragged back to the vacation cabin she spent fond summers at as a child accompanied by a group of friends. Her trip down memory lane takes a dramatic and terrifying turn when a fireball descends from the sky and explodes in the nearby woods. Lead by her boyfriend (Freddie Stroma), the group ventures out toward the crash site and discovers the remnants of a ship from another planet along with footprints that suggest its alien occupants are still alive. The college friends soon find themselves caught in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than anything they could ever imagine.

Extraterrestrial stars Brittany Allen (Defiance), Gil Bellows (The Shawshank Redemption), Jesse Moss (Final Destination 3), Melanie Papalia (The Den), Michael Ironside (Terminator Salvation), Emily Perkins (Ginger Snaps), Sean Rogerson (Grave Encounters) and Anja Savcic (I Love You Beth Cooper).

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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