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First trailer for Netflix's Brainchild looks like a mix of Bill Nye, Mythbusters, and Sesame Street

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Nov 4, 2018, 4:40 PM EST (Updated)

In the '90s, one of the most popular formats for kid-oriented TV shows was to be educational, yet fun. Prime examples were Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Magic School Bus, and Zoom. This format may have fallen out of favor over the last 20 years, but thanks to YouTube channels like Vsauce and Minute Physics, it's making a much-deserved comeback.

Thankfully, Netflix is jumping on the bandwagon with Brainchild, a new show that looks like an intriguing millennial-targeted mix of Bill Nye, MythBusters, and even Sesame Street — yes, there are furry talking puppets! Based on the first trailer, the series will cover a variety of scientific topics, from exploring the five-second rule to conducting social experiments about visual perception.

The show is executive-produced by famed rapper/music producer Pharrell Williams and the creators of National Geographic's Brain Games.

All episodes of the show's first season arrive on Netflix this Friday, Nov. 2. 

Watch the new trailer below: