Super Mario Party
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First trailer for Super Mario Party looks like a Switch-syncing good time

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Jun 16, 2018, 4:35 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s criminal the Nintendo’s latest console has gone so long without one of its flagship hangout franchises. But now, during the company’s E3 stream, Nintendo announced the return of Mario Party... but it’s not exactly what fans might be expecting.

For some gamers, that’s a good thing. Not Mario Party 11, which would be a direct sequel that would presumably continue some of the series’ odd forays into vehicle customization and other offbeat asides, Super Mario Party comes to the Switch with plenty of nostalgia and innovation both.

The new trailer highlights the community aspect of the video/board game, showing players linking up multiple Switch consoles in coffee shops, bars, and even the woods to take advantage of the motion controls.

Just watch:

It looks like, using the Switch’s gyroscopes and different communication features, players can link their devices to create customizable minigames, like tank battles whose maps change based on where the physical consoles are placed. There’s split-screen, two-console baseball, and single-screen couch co-op, just as multiplayer games should offer.

And you get to play as a Goomba for the first time! Bowser’s henchmen never had it so good. Super Mario Party launches October 5 on Switch.