Watch the first trailer for Killjoys, Syfy's new space bounty hunters series

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Apr 3, 2015, 1:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Syfy (Blastr's corporate parent - Ed.) is prepping a return to deep space, and here’s our first look at the new series about intergalactic bounty hunter team the Killjoys.

The 10-episode first season follows a trio of intergalactic bounty hunters flying around the edge of space tracking down fugitives, and it stars familiar genre faces Aaron Ashmore (Warehouse 13), Hannah John-Kamen (Black Mirror) and Luke Macfarlane (Person of Interest) in key roles. The creative mind behind the series, Michelle Lovretta, also created the hit dark fantasy series Lost Girl.

So, how’s the first trailer? If they can keep up the irreverent vibe, this could make for a heck of a fun sci-fi romp. We get to see the team (the Killjoys) in action, as well as some of the Wild West, deep-space locales. Production-wise, it feels a bit like Defiance, with a dash of Firefly attitude thrown in for good measure. The cast also seems to mesh well, which can really make or break a show like this.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, John-Kamen plays the lead role of Dutch, while Ashmore is peacemaker John Jaqobis and Macfarlane is the sarcastic, yet loyal, solider D’avin. Much of the series will apparently be set in the Quad, a distant planetary system on the brink of class war, which should open up the potential for a bit of political intrigue.

Check out the first trailer below and let us know what you think:

Killjoys premieres June 19 on Syfy (Corporate owner of Blastr -Ed). What do you think of the series?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)