The first trailer for season 6 of Community is finally here

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Mar 3, 2015, 5:49 PM EST

In just two weeks, less than a year after it was canceled by NBC, Dan Harmon's cult favorite sitcom Community will return with a sixth season, available through the Yahoo! Screen streaming service. We've known the show will be back since last summer, we've known since January to expect it on March 17, and now we finally get what we've been craving for months: a look at new footage from season six.

Though we can expect the same Harmon sensibility from the series this time around, a few things are different, thanks to the departures of co-stars Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown in season five. To fill the void left by Troy and Shirley, two new cast members -- Keith David and Paget Brewster -- have been added, and the trailer comments on the changes almost immediately. Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) tries to appoint Brewster "the new Shirley" and earns a scoff from Chang, who was hoping for a more racially diverse study group. David, for his part, refuses to be reduced to some kind of sidekick status, declaring he's "no one's fourth Ghostbuster."

The trailer as a whole takes the form of an extended Avengers: Age of Ultron homage, featuring a James Spader-like voiceover and a title card that looks suspiciously like the Marvel film's logo. It also gives us a pretty good sense of some of what the Greendale gang will be getting up to this season, including teaching prisoners via webcams on wheels, exploring virtual reality, trying to survive an avalanche of discarded frisbees and possibly giving a degree to a dog. Plus, there's an adult Big Wheel, Dean puns, costumes, karate and much more. 

Check out the trailer below:

Community returns March 17 on Yahoo! Screen and will air new episodes every Tuesday.

(Via Variety)