First we got Gordon, now Fox's Gotham casts Alfred and the Penguin

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Feb 11, 2014, 2:11 PM EST

Two more big roles have just been filled on Fox's Gotham series, including its first villain.

Over the weekend, we found out that Southland star Ben McKenzie will take the lead on the show, meant to be a prequel to the life of Batman and an origin story for many of Gotham's best-known citizens, as police detective and future commissioner James Gordon. Now the show has cast both Bruce Wayne's closest ally and one of his most intriguing future foes.

The role of Alfred Pennyworth on Gotham will be played by English actor (and son of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee) Sean Pertwee, whom you may have recently seen as Lestrade on the CBS series Elementary.

According to TV Guide, Pertwee's Alfred will be "a tough-as-nails ex-Marine from East London" who sees it as his duty to protect young Bruce after the death of his parents, so we can likely expect a bit more action-heavy Alfred than what we saw from Michael Caine in the Dark Knight trilogy.

Next, we have the Penguin, who will be played by Robin Lord Taylor, an actor who we saw last year in the Walking Dead season-four episode "Indifference." (Remember the couple with the fruit? That guy.)

Taylor's Penguin will reportedly differ a good deal from the classic comic-book incarnation. Rather than a Gotham aristocrat who's far less crazy than many of Batman's other foes, this Penguin will be a "low-level psycopath" and "gangster" who is polite but also possesses a "sadistic lust for power." Casting the Penguin as a more low-level criminal rather than a high-society outcast is not without precedent in the pages of DC Comics, but this description sounds like we could be getting a very savage new incarnation indeed.

Two other key roles have also been filled, though they're not quite as high-profile. Erin Richards (Being Human U.K., Breaking In) has been cast as emergency room doctor Barbara Kean, Gordon's fiancee, while actress Zabryna Guevara has been cast as Captain Essen, Gordon's boss at the Gotham P.D.

So this show's really taking shape, and it's only a matter of time before we start seeing glimpses of these stars in costume and on set. What do you think? Is the series on the right track?

(Via TV Guide)