First look at Karl Urban in the new Judge Dredd costume

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

Filming on the reboot of the classic 2000 AD lawgiver—which aims
to erase any memory of the Sylvester Stallone debacle—is about to begin,
but this image slipped out.

Snagged during rehearsals, this shot shows that director Pete Travis' flick, which
was written by 28 Days Later's Alex Garland, won't take any major liberties
with the Dredd costume — but it's also not going to be the shiny happy
disaster that Stallone's was. Comic artist Jock, who also did some production design
for Dredd, tweeted the link to this earlier today. Hope he doesn't get into trouble.

What do you think? Promising or unfortunate?

(Via Moviefone)

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