First look at Moon director's new sci-fi film Source Code

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Duncan Jones won himself a lot of fans with his independent sci-fi movie Moon, and those fans are really curious to see what his next movie, Source Code, is going to look like. Well, here's your first grainy glimpse of the film, courtesy of a scanned image from an upcoming issue of Empire magazine that's making its way around the Internet.

Aside from this picture there's not much info to be had about the film, which is apparently already shot and in post-production. Slashfilm has a few details about the plot:

"We know [Jake Gyllenhaal] plays a soldier who is brought into a government program designed to investigate terrorism; Gyllenhaal's consciousness is placed into the body of a civilian who experienced a terrorist bombing, and he must live through repetitions of the event to find out who was responsible."