First look at Resident Evil 4's 3-D (yes, 3-D) poster

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Dec 14, 2012

The last Resident Evil: Afterlife poster we showed you made us look forward to seeing Milla Jovovich blasting away in 3-D. But it turns out that the newest Resident Evil: Afterlife poster to be released will actually BE in 3-D.

Of sorts.

For now, you'll just have to use your imagination as you stare at Jovovich bursting through your screen, but according to JoBlo, when you run across the poster below in a theater lobby, it will be printed in a lenticular manner to give a greater illusion of depth. We can't wait to see it in action!

And we can't wait to see the 3-D fourth installment in the zombie apocalypse franchise either, which will debut Sept. 10.

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