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Five badass video game moms who deserve a happy Mother's Day

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May 13, 2018, 2:00 PM EDT

Let's face it — moms in gaming don't get enough credit—or screen time, really. We've had plenty of touching stories about fathers in gaming, especially coming-of-age narratives about strong men and their sons and daughters—God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn come to mind—and that's fine,because there are some outstanding dads in gaming. Top-notch dads, really.

But it's Mother's Day, and that means it's high time we celebrate some of the moms from video games who deserve it most. These women aren't the "best" or the "coolest" moms in the whole of video games, but they've earned a little love and appreciation. 

Keep these ladies in mind when you're celebrating your own mom, or introduce her to some of these amazing characters. Then be thankful you're not that terrible of a kid. Hopefully, anyway. 

Beware of MAJOR spoilers in a couple of these entries. You've been forewarned!

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Life is Strange - Joyce Price 2

Joyce Price (Life is Strange)

Poor Joyce is the mother to Chloe Price, the game world's angstiest teen. Chloe lies to her mom, disrespects her at every turn, steals money, and does basically every "bad kid" cliche she possibly can, and yet Joyce loves her unconditionally. She lost the love of her life, her husband, when Chloe was a young girl and started looking for love, which meant Chloe would have a stepfather in David, but Chloe had to fight tooth and nail against that too, because she can clearly be a huge sack of garbage. Joyce's monumental amount of patience when dealing with such a disrespectful and haughty daughter should be applauded, especially when you factor in that she's a single mother working at a diner to make ends meet. Let's get her some time at the spa, please. She's overworked and underappreciated. 

Overwatch - Ana

Ana (Overwatch)

Ana Amari is one of the founding members of Overwatch and mother to Fareeha Amari, who you probably know better as Pharah. As one of the world's deadliest snipers, she's seen some things. She's also missing her right eye, which was replaced with a cybernetic eye, and wears an eyepatch. She's faced her share of war, and her daughter is just as capable as she is. But she's allowed some peace and quiet now, isn't she? She's been through enough. Consider also the fact that Fareeha was conceived and born while Ana was part of Overwatch. Come on. She's still soldiering on, too, as you probably make her snipe her way through countless matches while picking people off the payload. Mama needs some pampering and some time away from the fight for at least a few days, right?

Metal Gear Solid - The Boss

The Boss (Metal Gear Solid)

The Boss, specifically from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, is a complicated figure, but she's an important figure all the same. Her nickname as the "Mother of Special Forces" isn't just an empty moniker. She's the mother of Revolver Ocelot and acts as a mentor and guide to Naked Snake. But given that The Boss has different loyalties she must often put on the line, she has many roles to fulfill. Mostly, she acts as something of a motherly figure and teacher to Snake as the game wears on, even going so far as to make the ultimate sacrifice in-game, in a moment that'll make sure you end up openly weeping. If you've seen the end of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, you'll know exactly what's meant by all that, but for anyone who hasn't, just know that The Boss and Snake shared a special bond that's just like that of mother and biological son, and she was especially proud of him. 

God of War - Freya

Freya (God of War)

God of War's "Witch of the Woods" is Freya, the wife of Odin and former Queen of the Valkyries. The Norse goddess is a source of invaluable assistance to Kratos and Atreus on their journey, even though she's got her own share of problems to deal with. She's wracked with grief over trying to help her son, Baldur, from succumbing to an early or random death by casting a spell on him that made him invulnerable to any threats, whether it be physical, magical, or what-have-you. Unfortunately, the very same spell made Baldur unable to feel, and he was driven mad by the frustration. On top of losing Baldur, she's trapped in one realm by her ex-husband, Odin, and cannot travel beyond that. She really can't catch a break, but she was a dedicated mother all the way up until her son's last breath. 

Earthbound - Ness's Mother

Ness's Mom (Earthbound)

The RPG series you know as Earthbound is known as Mother in Japan, and for good reason — it's all about the nostalgic ache for childhood, as well as moms who are there to take care of you and tell you that everything is OK. Protagonist Ness' mother does this at every turn, and she's one of the most comforting presences in the game. She's not a playable character and doesn't make many appearances, but she's the embodiment of everything a mom can be, even though you end up bugging her literally all the time. She'll cook for Ness, offer words of encouragement, and help cure Ness's homesickness. Ness is pretty needy. It seems like his mom needs a little break from the constant coddling, right?