Five classic video games that could make great movies

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Jun 16, 2016, 3:52 PM EDT

With the long-awaited Warcraft movie out now, and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed, some popular video games are once again on the big screen.

However, social media recently reacted to the announcement of a movie based on Tetris with befuddlement, to say the least.

Surely there are other classic video games out there more suited to film adaptations, right?

With that in mind, here are five, in no particular order, we think could make for great feature films:

The Legend of Zelda
Link’s adventures in Hyrule have spawned many sequels since Zelda’s NES debut 30 years ago, and a late-1980s TV series that imagined the lead character as something of a whiny jerk.

We think a live-action movie can do much better. Link is a terrific character, and there’s so much backstory to all the games over the years that we could see some complex plotlines in the film.

Last year, Nintendo poured cold water over rumors of a Netflix TV series, but we think Zelda deserves more. It’s a big story worthy of the big screen.



Dragon’s Lair

Don Bluth, co-creator of this much-beloved arcade game from the 1980s, is already pushing for a movie adaptation, having used Kickstarter and Indiegogo to raise funds.

ABC aired an animated series that lasted one season, but we think a live-action version could indeed turn out well.

Who wouldn’t want to see the heroic Dirk the Daring battle dragons, especially if it had a humorous side (think Galavant)?

Bluth’s Indiegogo campaign was quite successful, so we may get our wish soon.




With Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and Lara Croft (again) set for their own movies, it’s time to take another look at getting Samus Aran her own movie.

The first female action hero in mainstream video games (sorry, Ms. Pac-Man), Samus’ true identity made for a major twist in the male-dominated world of the NES in the ‘80s.

There’s an exciting science fiction world to be explored around Metroid, and we think a director like, say, Kathryn Bigelow could bring a great approach to the material. Watch your back, Ripley.




Another movie we think would be best served with a sense of humor (think Fright Night).

Simon Belmont’s vampire hunting portrayed as a horror comedy would help set it apart even further from the glut of vampire movies in recent years.

Not unlike Link, Simon was portrayed as a vain oaf on the popular animated series Captain N: The Game Master, and again, this movie can do much better than that.

The original game spawned sequel after sequel, so there’s certainly a lot of material to choose from, and rumors of movies or TV series – animated or live-action – have persisted over the years.

It’s time to finally give fans the Castlevania movie they deserve.



Okay, so Inglourious Basterds may have covered this ground first, but Wolfenstein beat Tarantino by many years.

A great ultra-violent Wolfenstein movie could redeem first-person shooter adaptations after the disaster that was Doom (and the recent Hardcore Henry didn’t exactly break box-office records).

1992’s Wolfenstein 3-D didn’t exactly have much in the way of plot, other than “walk through a maze and shoot a bunch of Nazis,” but the idea of doing Indiana Jones meets Rambo has its appeal.