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Five great games to give your dad for Father's Day

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Jun 15, 2019, 12:31 PM EDT

Another Father's Day is finally here, and that means you're probably trying to figure out what to get your geeky gamer Dad. He already blazed through Skyrim years ago, and the Nintendo Switch you got him last year is now gathering dust. He's got his sights on some other newer titles but he's also ready for something a little meatier. So, what do you get him this year that he can enjoy for months to come?

One of these great new games, of course. Whether your dad's into building his own house and village in Minecraft or running wild in Red Dead Redemption 2, this current crop of sizzling summer games should help you figure out exactly what will tickle Dad's fancy this year. From the motorcycle madness of Days Gone to the inscrutable mystery of The Outer Wilds, there's something on this list that should immediately capture your father's attention. 

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The Outer Wilds

Does Dad love building things in Minecraft and making a space for himself in countless blocky worlds? Let him try The Outer Wilds, which places players on a planet that has only 20 minutes before the sun goes supernova and wipes them from the map. This deathly cycle continues over and over again until players work through the mystery to figure out what's causing the sun to engulf the planet. They'll uncover plenty of interesting secrets behind the alien race of the Nomai, all the while managing health and oxygen, seeking out launch codes, and working on a variety of other tasks to get to the bottom of things. Dad will love solving the mystery. 


Trover Saves the Universe

Is Dad someone who can't get enough of Rick and Morty's particular brand of humor? He'll love embarking on a journey in the hilarious Trover Saves the Universe, courtesy of that show's co-creator! Here, players control a purple Eyehole Monster named Trover who helps a Chairorpian (that's you) rescue his missing dogs. Oh, but there's one small thing — his dogs were inserted directly into the eyeholes of a villain named Glorkon, who wants to bring his "true love" into existence by merging worlds. It's a VR-optional adventure that's rife with raunchy adult humor, plenty of cursing, and some of the funniest scenes you'll ever truly see in gaming thanks to Justin Roiland. And don't worry if none of it makes sense or you're concerned Dad might think it's a little out there. That's all part of its charm. 


Rage 2

Sometimes, there's nothing better than tearing into the apocalyptic wasteland and annihilating some pesky bandits, and Rage 2 lets you do that in full force. If Dad played the original game, he'll see that this iteration is a completely different affair. This raucous first-person shooter has players taking on the role of Walker, who's looking to thwart a dangerous wasteland faction called the Authority. It takes place 30 years after the original game and finds Walker squaring off against just about any type of mutant you can think of — while the last bastion of humanity hangs in the balance. Walker is the last of the "Rangers" group and must use special nanotrite-powered abilities, various vehicles, and explosive weapons to take out the Authority. If Dad likes explosions, he'll find plenty here, as well as lots of neon colors that provide a feast for the eyes.

Days Gone - Deacon on Bike

Days Gone

Is Dad a big fan of The Walking Dead? Or maybe he just loves Norman Reedus (as we all do)? If so, then he'll definitely get a kick out of Days Gone, an action-adventure survival game set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon in the aftermath of a global pandemic that has turned most of the population into zombie-like Freakers. As biker Deacon St. John, the player searches the wasteland and what's left of humanity for St. John's missing wife Sarah, all the while blowing away Freakers with melee weapons, explosive firearms, and even crafted items. It's an exciting open-world affair that Dad will have dozens of hours of fun with — and seeing the grin on his face as he slices through crowds of Freakers will be immensely rewarding.  

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Team Sonic Racing

If Dad is a NASCAR fan or prefers a good old-fashioned racing game to a shooter, you can't go wrong with the cartoony arcade joys of Team Sonic Racing. The latest installment in the Sonic series brings all the classic franchise characters together for a souped-up race that brings 15 competitors together across 21 different tracks to see who's truly the "fastest thing alive" (sorry, Sonic). Dad can hit the race track, collect power-ups, and careen through each stage like a chao out of hell, and you can even join in on the fun with him with local four-player multiplayer, 12-player online races, and three in Team Adventure mode. If you and Dad spent a lot of time together in games like Mario Kart and want to do something similar now that perhaps you're a little older, this is a great throwback of a game with modern sensibilities that should get you both pumped.