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Five reasons Gomez and Morticia Addams are relationship goals

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Nov 10, 2020, 6:08 PM EST

They may be spooky and they may be scary, but there’s one thing you cannot deny about Gomez and Morticia Addams: they are definitely relationship goals.

Spooky season has come and gone and with it, airings of the fan-favorite films, The Addams Family and its sequel, Addams Family Values. Adored for their macabre characters and humor, these films are also great because the matriarch and patriarch of the ghoulish clan give its viewers an intimate look into a loving relationship.

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Morticia supports her man in every single way

Remember when Fester went missing in The Addams Family? Who joined in on the seance to see about bringing him back? Morticia. And who went to Debbie in Addams Family Values to call out how her love trap on Fester was hurting Gomez and his family? Morticia.

Morticia is the companion who will never leave her man in a bind. And Gomez knows it.

The Addams Family

Gomez will put his life on the line for his love

Upon learning that his wife is in danger and being used as a bargaining chip, Gomez rushes to be by her side and even offers to take her place. He begs and pleads to make it stop and then speaks of the pain he's feeling to see his beloved that way.

When your partner can feel your pain… that's a true connection right there.

The Addams Family

They know each other's love languages

Whether you believe in it or not, Gomez and Morticia definitely knew each other’s language, which appears to be "touch." The pair literally can't seem to keep their hands off of each other. Gomez knows how to flatter his wife, and in the same breath, Morticia knows precisely how to stoke her man’s fire.

They’re both into the kink scene with all their talks of straps, whips, shackles, and medieval machinery. The duo unapologetically demonstrates their love for one another and are the couple to look to for guidance.

The Addams Family

They check on each other's welfare

Morticia is so plugged into Gomez, it’s ridiculous. So much so that Morticia knows what her man is feeling by the way he sings, or plays with his train set. Morticia takes care of Gomez when he’s ill and even has her mama comb through all the spellbooks to find something to make her man better.

In the same breath, Gomez is patched into Morticia and could tell that his beloved was burnt out from taking care of their three kids. He even takes the lead in initiating the search for a nanny for Morticia so she could join the creatures of the night in their hellish crusade.

When you can make time to check in with each other and make sure your partner is doing fine, then you’re definitely hitting it out of the park in the relationship department.

Morticia and Gomez

They complement each other's lifestyles

From the start, it's clear that Gomez and Morticia match each other's lifestyles. Neither has a job and is OK with the other not working. They both love the dust and mold of their homes and believe in alternative education for their children. They enjoy the dark and mystical and are able to see the beauty in the things others may consider morbid.

They aren't ashamed to express who they are with each other and they have made it clear they're both in it for the long haul.

Jealousy doesn't exist amongst the couple and that's the way it should be. They are pretty content in their relationship and do not allow little cracks to affect them. When a man lit Morticia's cigarette, Gomez came to snatch his woman and bring her back to his embrace. When Gomez made eyes at a woman, Morticia caught his attention and brought him back to the true apple of his eye.

There's no question that Gomez and Morticia are meant for each other. They may have been weird, but it's my hope that we all find a relationship as great as this couple's.