Flame on! These firefighters created a real, flying Human Torch

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Aug 4, 2015, 10:52 AM EDT

The movie might be riding a wave of bad buzz, but that doesn’t mean the stunt marketing campaign behind Fantastic Four has to crash and burn. In fact, it’s doing just the opposite.

We’re typically not huge fans of cheesy marketing stunts, but when they’re this cool, you just have to share. The marketing agency Thinkmodo teamed up with the real-life Nassau County Fire Service Academy to create the Human Torch (basically). 

The design is ingenious, and is basically a glorified, human-shaped drone that can be set on fire at the press of a button. Of course, that button is labeled “Flame On!” Considering the inherent danger in pulling off a stunt like this, you can imaging why they enlisted the help of some trained fire fighters to make sure this marketing ploy didn’t accidentally kill someone. Smart move.

As it stands, they flew fake “Johnny” through the sky, creating the extremely legit illusion that an actual human has combusted and decided to fly around downtown. Even if the movie ends up being terrible, we’ll always have Johnny the drone.

(Via Cinema Blend)