The Flash almost had an open world video game, here's what it looked like

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Dec 26, 2016, 1:49 PM EST

Despite his A-list status among DC’s heroes, The Flash has never really had much luck when it comes to video games. But, in an alternate universe, we’re all still playing this awesome Flash game.

A new video feature from Unseen64 chronicles the saga of Bottle Rocket and Brash Entertainment’s aborted Flash video game, which would’ve given Wally West his own open world game during the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii era. The developers conceived it as the Flash’s own take on Batman: Year One, chronicling Wally’s early days as the Flash as he learns how to use his speed powers. The game would have been set in Central City and Keystone City, with the visual vibe inspired by The Incredibles. The demos look pretty great, but alas, the game never made it out of development.

The game was scheduled to launch in 2009, but Brash Entertainment’s financial collapse axed the project well into development. Oh, what could’ve been.

Check out the video package below and let us know what you think: