The Flash and Supergirl team up to take on double DC villains in crossover set pics

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Feb 25, 2016, 5:02 PM EST (Updated)

We still have a month to wait until The Flash and Supergirl are formally introduced on the small screen, but some new set pics from the epic crossover offer some hints on what to expect.

Some new pics from the Supergirl episode “Worlds Finest,” set to air March 28, have surfaced online showing Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and Grant Gustin (The Flash) laughing it up on set. It’s still jarring (in a good way) to see Gustin hanging with Benoist, in costume, but it totally works. Gustin’s Flash suit even looks brighter, if that makes sense. Hey, maybe they don’t have dark camera filters in Kara's universe?

The set pics also offer up some intel on who the heroes will be fighting: Silver Banshee and a returning Livewire. Hey, we have two heroes — so why not two villains?

We still don’t know much about how these two will actually come to be in the same world, though it seems almost certain that Barry will accidentally land in Kara’s reality while traveling through the Speed Force (possibly in an attempt to revisit Earth-2, or travel through time). We already got a peek of Kara in a flash (no pun intended) as they crossed to Earth-2 a couple of weeks ago, so the groundwork has been set.

Check out the set pics below and let us know what you think:

(Via Comics Alliance)

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