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Flash boss teases showdown with The Thinker as ‘Inception-like,’ promises answer to Mystery Girl

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Apr 25, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

We’re less than a month away from the Season 4 finale of The Flash, and as we’re speeding towards the final episode of the season, some tantalizing info about the looming showdown with the villainous Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) has emerged.

Speaking to TVLineFlash executive producer Todd Helbing revealed the title of the season finale, which pretty much echoes the theme of the season: “We Are the Flash,” Helbing explained that the title means that “Barry doesn’t have to carry the burden of this challenge on his own. It’s really a group effort.” Something the executive producer has previously touched upon.

Helbing also teased the final showdown between Team Flash and DeVoe, describing it as “Inception-like.” The speedy superhero series’ executive producer explained that “the way they attack The Thinker is totally different from anything we’ve seen before in a finale.” DeVoe has the power to fold and access pocket dimensions, so does that mean we might see a battle that takes place in and out of various dimensions? Or might Team Flash turn to a Magic Eight Ball to devise their attack strategy to un-think The Thinker? Regardless, it certainly sounds like this will be fairly different from every other Flash season finale.


Helbing had one more tidbit to share about the finale — this one concerning the series' lingering Mystery Girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy). First seen at the WestAllen wedding during Crisis on Earth-X — as well as a few more times since then — Helbing promised that “Everyone will get an answer to who exactly The Mystery Girl is, and how she plays into not only this season but next season.” Having already debunked the prevalent fan theories about her identity, fans are dying to find out just who in the heck she is. Could she be the key to defeating DeVoe? And if so, how might that factor into next year?

Before the season ends, however, Team Flash will get help from Gypsy, Amunet Black and Arrow’s John Diggle. Barry will also get a pep talk from The Council of Harrisons, which Helbing hilariously describes as “an emo version of The Council of Wells.” And Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) will be on a mission to reclaim her inner Killer Frost.

Make sure to tune in to watch the Season 4 finale of The Flash on May 22 on The CW, plus new episodes every Tuesday up until then.

(via TVLine)

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