Flash cast and crew promise Barry will be 'face to face' with Reverse-Flash

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Nov 25, 2014

The Flash Star Grant Gustin and producer Andrew Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly they’re “building towards a confrontation” with Reverse-Flash, which will hit in the upcoming Dec. 9 episode, titled “The Man in the Yellow Suit.”

Gustin opened up about how the introduction will be handled and how much we’ll find out by the end of the year. Sadly, it seems Reverse-Flash shares Barry’s face-blurring ability, so we might not find out his identity anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean they’re not having a boatload of fun with the dynamics:

“Barry will actually get to come face to face with him, not just running with him, but standing face to face with him, looking at him. He’s vibrating, so he doesn’t know who he is. We don’t see his face. No characters see his face and the audience doesn’t necessarily see his face either, but Barry gets to hear him say that he killed his mom.

I didn’t even remotely see coming what Andrew Kreisberg told me is going to be one of the turning points with that storyline. I’ve heard so many theories surrounding Reverse Flash that are all interesting. I was like, ‘Oh, I know what’s going on,’ but literally no one knows what’s going on. Anyone who thinks they know what’s going on is wrong. I’m in the in and I thought I knew, but Andrew told me and I was like, ‘Holy crap.'”

Kreisberg chatted about why he thinks the show has become a breakout hit for The CW, easily leading pretty much everything else on the schedule. He said he believes the approach they’ve taken to the comic canon, being respectful while still shaking things up (see: The Walking Dead), has been the perfect formula for the superhero series:

“I like to think that we’ve done a good job on both shows of meeting fans’ expectations and subverting them. The show has to appeal to everybody. It can’t just appeal to comic fans and it can’t ignore them either. We’re always treading this fine line of trying to bring something new, honoring what’s always been done and turning it into this brand new thing.”

It’s fun when you finally see our team confronting the Reverse Flash and seeing everybody’s reactions, because he is the devil, in a way, to the show. When you finally see everybody confront him, it’s really scary. It’s certainly the scariest thing we’ve done on the show. Our tone note to Tom, Jesse and Grant was to pretend you were in the room with the alien from Alien. You should all be that scared.”

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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