Flash director promises CW series will be 'brighter' but not ‘cartoonish'

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Jun 2, 2014, 10:28 AM EDT

When putting together the pilot for The Flash, The CW turned to the guy who filmed Arrow’s stellar premiere in hopes of capturing lightning in a bottle once again. So, what does he think of the new super-speedy spinoff?

Director David Nutter has been a mainstay of The CW's genre fare, having directed everything from Smallville to Supernatural to Arrow and now The Flash over the years. It's hard to argue with the resume, and in a chat with Comic Book Resources about the upcoming Arrow spinoff, Nutter sounded very high on The Flash.

The biggest question fans have is exactly what type of tone the series will strike since its spinning off from the much darker Arrow. Nutter spoke a lot about that balance, and he seems to believe they’ve hit the happy medium of grounded but “brighter.” Check out an excerpt below and judge for yourself:

“We were very happy with how Arrow turned out. What we wanted to do was make the show have some other notes in it. There's humor in this (Flash) pilot, which fits very well. It's a little bit brighter of a show. It really encapsulates who Barry Allen is as a character, and who the Flash is in the comics … Geoff Johns, who had written so much of the Flash lore over the recent years, was one of the screenplay writers. We utilized his knowledge and expertise in this world. Greg and Andrew are quite aficionados as well, Andrew being a comic book writer himself. We all relied on each other to give our best work. It was a real fantastic community effort that worked out beautifully.

I want to make something like Arrow and Flash relatable and understandable and not make it cartoonish. I think people get involved in a show like this and they think, "Oh, the effects are cool, but the performances may not be as strong." To me, it's working with people like Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns, who understand what great storytelling is and working with them hand-to-hand to really make the "Arrow" series and the "Flash" series something that is grounded in reality. I think it makes it more compelling, more realistic and more enjoyable for an audience because they get invested in a show that has real-life stakes in it.”

We still have to wait until this fall to get a proper look at The Flash, but with Nutter at the helm, the pilot should at least live up to the standard we’ve come to expect. What do you think? Can this spinoff hit the same quality standards as Arrow, while also carving its own niche?

(Via Comic Book Resources)