Flash producer promises Man in the Iron Mask reveal will 'blow your mind'

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Apr 28, 2016, 11:27 AM EDT

Amid all the insanity of fighting Zoom and zipping around Earth-2 this season, The Flash has also been quietly setting up a head-scratching mystery — and producer Andrew Kreisberg promises the big reveal will be worth the wait.

Zoom’s lair on Earth-2 has featured a series of cells, and a mysterious prisoner wearing an iron mask has been one constant ever since we got a good look at the place in Episode 14. Who is he? Why does he keep tapping on the window (apparently using a code to spell out “Jay,” maybe)? Kreisberg said they have a plan in place, and says it will certainly be a twist that gets fans excited. 

Here’s an excerpt from what he told TV Line about the secret identity:

“[It is] going to blow your mind. Honestly, the two things I’m probably most proud of this season are [the introduction/development of] Harry and the identity of the Man in the Iron Mask.”

Teddy Sears confirmed that the mystery character will come into play toward the end of the season, though even he didn’t learn the identity until they filmed the finale. Fans have been guessing for weeks, using everything from the actor’s size to hair color and skin shade to try and figure out who it is. Nice try, guys, but it’s probably all for naught.

For those positing their own theories, it’s important to remember the actor wearing the mask in those scenes probably isn’t the actual actor who will be portraying the character (much as Sears didn’t wear the Zoom suit until later in the season). If anything, it’s most likely just a stunt double strapping that mask on and tapping away at the glass. So yeah, take the height and hair hints with a grain of salt.

So, who is it? Our best guesses are: Eddie, the real Jay Garrick, a version of Wally West, or maybe Henry Allen. Going a bit crazier, maybe it’s not an actor we’re familiar with — but a major DC character? We’ve already had some Green Lantern easter eggs, so maybe it’s Hal Jordan? Or Booster Gold, a character the producers have been wanting to use for years? Or maybe Earth-3 Batman (kidding, mostly)?

Whoever it is, the wait better be worth it.

So who do you think is the Man in the Iron Mask?

(Via TV Line)