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Flash showrunner teases hopes for Arrow crossover to bring back fan favorite DC hero

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Mar 2, 2021, 11:01 AM EST

With the end of Arrow, The CW didn’t just lose a long-running superhero show — it also lost the platform for several fan favorite heroes and supporting characters who had come to populate its supporting cast over the years. But the Arrowverse itself is still going strong, and the universe’s new flagship series The Flash is looking to pick up the torch.

Showrunner Eric Wallace told he’s already in touch with some of the surviving heroes left show-less after the end of Arrow, most notably Echo Kellum, who played Curtis Holt on the show’s last few seasons. Curtis started out in tech support, but eventually leveraged his athletic abilities to suit up as the DC hero Mr. Terrific, making him a key player on the later iterations of Team Arrow.

Wallace confirmed he’s “working on it,” in regards to a post-Arrow appearance by Mr. Terrific, though pandemic protocols may punt Curtis’ return to late in the season or possibly next season. That said, we already have David Ramsey’s Diggle coming back for multiple episodes across the Arrowverse this season, so it’s nice to see the creative teams are still keen to keep some of these characters around even without their mothership series.

"I'd like to see him, not just as the character, but I'd like to see some T-sphere action taken to the next level,” Wallace said. “You get a little bit crazier and comic book-ier. I don't know how soon we can do it. COVID has shrunk our season, so unfortunately a lot of those plans have kind of gone out the window. So I don't know if we'll get to it this year, but yes, that is on my to-do list."

Wallace also revealed he hopes to bring back Flash supporting hero Wally West at some point, though it will depend on finding a way to get actor Keiynan Lonsdale back on set (he's currently busy with other projects). But it sounds like they're all still on good terms, so we've likely not seen the last of Kid Flash in the longterm.

The Flash returns to The CW schedule tonight, with new episodes slated to air on Tuesday nights. The new season is wrapping up several storylines left dangling after last year’s abrupt wrap-up due to the pandemic shutdown, and Wallace has already opened up about how that altered their original plans for the kickoff to Season 7.