The Flash shows up to help in extended trailer for Arrow's Season 3 finale

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

We're less than a week away from the season finale of The CW's Arrow, and an extended promo shows a friend from Central City is coming to lend a hand.

Spoilers ahead for season three of The CW's Arrow!

The extended trailer for the season finale is the culmination of the Ra's al Ghul arc that has been driving much of the year. This season has arguably been the most ambitious, and most uneven, run of the show to date. The ruse surrounding Ra's and Nanda Parbat has gotten old, and it's past time for the epic faceoff to finally arrive. Yes, it's been great bringing John Barrowman's Malcolm Merlyn deeper into the Team Arrow fold the past few weeks, but we're excited to see this thing finally come to a head.

As the footage below makes clear, despite Barry Allen's issues with Reverse-Flash on his own show, he's never too busy to lend a hand when the Arrow is going off the deep end. Despite the fact that the Flash was launched off Arrow and has made several appearances, he still looks a bit out of place inserted into Nanda Parbat and the mythical look this season has taken. Guess it shows just how far this season of Arrow has swung in that fantastical direction (for good or bad).

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

The Arrow season finale, "My Name Is Oliver Queen," airs Wednesday night on The CW.

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