The Flash star opens up on that shocking Zoom twist, what comes next

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Apr 18, 2016, 1:17 PM EDT

The CW’s Flash pulled off one of its biggest twists several weeks ago, and now the man at the heart of it has opened up about how it all came together.

Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 of The CW’s Flash!

The series has been on  hiatus the past few weeks, while fans wait for the epic faceoff between the newly de-masked Zoom (aka Jay Garrick) and Barry Allen. Comic Book caught up with Teddy Sears to discuss his dual role as Zoom and Jay Garrick, and the actor revealed he’s known about the twist since before he was cast. But even knowing where it was going apparently didn’t make it any easier when the moment came to suit up as Zoom.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“I knew when they hired me that I was going to be Zoom. I knew actually before taking the job. Andrew Kreisberg laid out, ‘Hey, this is our vision for the season. You're gonna be this guy, but then you're also gonna be this guy.’

I thought that that sounded like a lot of fun, certainly a challenge, but ultimately something that I wanted to take on. Then, that was it. I didn't hear anything from the writers or in the scripts, not a whiff that that was actually what was going to happen, that Jay would actually end up being Hunter Zolomon/Zoom… It wasn't until the episode where I point out my doppelganger on the bench, ‘Hey, that's Hunter Zolomon, my doppelganger,’ that I knew, ‘OK, these guys are going to follow through on their plans.’

How much of what I said was true? 100 percent of it. It really did ... I was a tremendous honor to ... It's funny, I say this even now knowing I was masquerading as Jay Garrick, it still...there's still a big part of me that...I don't know how to say this. I just believed 100 percent that, ‘Hey, I was hired to play Jay. I'm playing Jay until the writers tell me otherwise. Until I see it on the page, I'm this guy.’ It's funny, I probably should feel differently now knowing what I know and being where I am, but no -- that's honestly how I felt, and honestly how I still feel.

I just feel bad because I had to keep it under my hat, but also I really believed that maybe that wasn't going to happen and that was something that I hoped was going to happen for me, because I was really attached to playing Jay.”

Flash returns to The CW this Tuesday with a new episode.

What do you think of this season? Did you dig the Zoom twist?


(Via Comic Book)