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The Flash streaks into this unseen 2001 Electra Woman and Dyna Girl pilot

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May 16, 2014, 4:49 PM EDT (Updated)

Way back in 1976, the kooky kids show siblings Sid and Marty Krofft created a campy superhero series called Electra Woman and Dyna Girl for their wacky Saturday morning "Krofft Supershow."  

These 12-minute segments were rotated with other corny, live-action children's variety show fare like Dr. Shrinker and Wonderbug.  The show lasted only one season, then was inexplicably resurrected in 2001 by Warner Brothers with a sexier, more cynical side.  It starred Night Court's Markie Post as Electra Woman and That '70s Show's Anne Stedman playing her sidekick, Dyna Girl. Here's the unaired pilot episode, complete with crazy cameos by the Flash and Aquaman.   

Think this silly superhero show deserved a chance, or should it have bolted back to the '70s?

(Via Comic Book Movie)