FlashForward hits a series low and ABC suspends production

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The ratings for FlashForward fell yet again with last week's episode, down 8 percent to a new low of only 8 million. And today, according to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has stopped production on the freshman series for this week.

A rep for the network said that the six-day hiatus had always been built into the show's schedule, adding, "They want to maintain the high quality of the show, and this gives the writers the opportunity to do so."

Reason to worry? Perhaps.

But before you start panicking that you'll never learn exactly how we get to the world of April 29, 2010, it's too soon to know whether this will mean good news or bad news for viewers.

Since FlashForward has already been picked up for a full season—and even with its ratings slide still retains a sizeable audience—this creative pause could result in a better, stronger show.

On the other hand, if the viewership continues to drop, and the behind-the-scenes shakeups (David Goyer in as show runner, Marc Guggenheim out) don't result in a creative and ratings turnaround ... well, we don't need to experience a flash-forward ourselves to know what that might mean.

What do you see about the future of FlashForward in your flash-forward?