The Flash's Carlos Valdes hints at Flashpoint storyline for Season 3

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May 31, 2016, 3:19 PM EDT

With the Season 2 finale of The Flash ending in a shocking twist bound to have major repercussions for the show, fans believe the third season will kick off with a certain pivotal comic book storyline.

Last week, The Flash wrapped its second season with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) traveling back in time to save the life of his mother -- thus creating a time paradox where everything that’s happened in Season 1 was erased -- leading fans to believe the superhero series will adapt DC Comics’ Flashpoint storyline for next season.

Not only do a majority of fans firmly believe that yes, Flashpoint will kick off the third season when the show returns in the fall, but so does Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon, aka Vibe, on The CW’s hit series.

Valdes was on hand for MegaCon over the weekend, where the actor was asked about the possibility of exploring the comic book storyline in the upcoming season. Here’s what he said:

“I think there's every chance of a Flashpoint paradox. Some people expressed reservation about that -- why are we going there? -- but then some people were all about it. I think I can say this without a doubt: wherever we go from here, it's going to be unique and it's going to be different and it's going to honor the original chronology and the original lore while at the same time, writing a new spin on it. I think it's that spirit that's allowed our shows to do as well as they do, so I ask the fandom to have faith.”


Flashpoint was a 2011 five-issue comic book miniseries penned by Geoff Johns (the storyline actually consisted of a 61-issue run that crossed over with Booster Gold and spawned a multitude of miniseries and one-shots, with the main series spanning over five issues), where Barry Allen wakes up to an alternate world where he has no powers, his mother never died and there are twisted versions of the superheroes we all know and love. If that wasn't enough, the world is on the verge of complete destruction when Aquaman and Wonder Woman wage war by pitting the Atlanteans and the Amazons against each other with the humans, of course, trapped between them.

In order to stop everything, Barry has to discover what alteration was made to the past that's created this dark, twisted alternate world and restore his powers in order to travel back in time to change what was done. And what was done was … you guessed it. Barry saved his mother’s life. The series was important in that it changed the status quo for the DC Comics Universe which led to The New 52. The story was even adapted in 2013 in the animated feature film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

Do you think the next season of The Flash will indeed adapt DC's Flashpoint storyline? What new spin do you believe the series will put on the original comic book story?


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