The Flash's Carlos Valdes, Teddy Sears stop to Save Day, help injured woman

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Sep 10, 2016, 6:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Aaron Sagers is a con man and mod man, and he lives a good portion of his professional life on stage at comic conventions. As a hired host and moderator, he attends dozens of cons each year and has led hundreds of panels. These are the highlights from some of his appearances:

On The CW’s The Flash, Carlos Valdes is part of a superhero team as the wisecracking genius Cisco Ramon, but he was a real-life hero in Atlanta this past Saturday at Dragon Con, along with costar Teddy Sears.

During a light-hearted panel I hosted at the fan event with Valdes, Sears, Violett Beane and Summer Glau, I asked a final question about everyday super powers the panelists would like to have (such as being able to find their keys at any moment).

Valdes took the question as an opportunity to share a story that had happened on their way to the event that morning. The actor said the car came upon a cyclist lying face down in the road, who appeared to have fallen from her nearby bike and “seriously hurt herself.”

“Literally we drove and saw somebody on the road,” said Valdes. “I went, ‘Oh my god, is that a person?’”

At first Sears said he thought it might be a mannequin before they stopped the car to help. He told me later she was face down and seemed to be twitching.

“One of our handlers, who shall remain nameless, had experience as an EMT,” said Valdes. “Without thinking, she got out of the car (put her gloves on that she keeps in her purse!) and she immediately tended to her, took care of her, tried to get her responsive – whatever the EMT checklist is – as Teddy immediately called 911, and I was trying to look for water.”

“We all hopped out and did our thing,” said Sears, who played a version of the heroic Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick on the show. Sears said the actors’ car ended up on that particular route as a long way around the Dragon Con parade.

“A couple people drove by her,” he said. “But the EMTs came right away, and put her on a sling and on a backboard, and took her away; she wasn’t badly bleeding, but she was scraped up.”

For Valdes, the experience was a humbling reminder.

“We do have powers, and have power to help,” he said. “It is very easy to get caught up in the fiction of what we do, but it is important to remember to stay grounded in the heart of what it is we’re saying – which is there is a beautiful juxtaposition between the fantasy and the reality.”

“The common ground is you can be a hero, too.”