Flexing Hottest & Best: Thor, Hulk, Milla, Worf & Hoff

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments lands squarely in two camps: art and muscles. We've got the Golden Gate Bridge in sci-fi (art), Thor 2 supervillains (muscles), Hulk covers (muscles), Avengers' tech (art), Milla in the new Resident Evil (muscles with the beauty of art), great SF matte paintings (art, natch), Worf's new Trek pitch (muscles), the Hoff's Nick Fury (muscles ... ?) and Lucas retiring to make "art."

Our story: 8 Marvel supervillains who could take on the Thunder God in Thor 2

Your best comment: I suppose Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent whose battle with Thor forecasts the end of the world, would be a little to much to ask for.... — Martin

Our story: The Golden Gate Bridge is 75: Check out 24 times it starred in sci-fi

Your best comment: Any list where Harryhausen can be included, he should be included. Nice. — Dan138

Our story: 25 smashingly great covers from 50 years of Incredible Hulk comics

Your best comment: I love how the Hulk's hair has changed to reflect the times. On the covers from 1978, Hulk has disco hair. — Kmart

Our story: 14 of the greatest sci-fi/fantasy matte paintings ever made

Your best comment: These are perfect examples of why 3D is not necessary. Any gifted artist can create the illusion of depth with just brush strokes. And gifted cinematographers can enhance that with the proper focal length lenses and lighting and camera angles. Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways. — ecgordon

Our story: Milla Jovovich kicks ass as Alice in 10 new Resident Evil 5 posters

Your best comment: The first pic gives new meaning to the instructions above: Click Image to Enlarge. — Tom Black

Our story: 14 computer interfaces that gave Avengers its high-tech texture

Your best comment: Ummm... Have you ever seen an airplane cockpit? Ever seen a military combined operations picture? Sure, these mockups are a little fanciful and creatively "out there". But they're not THAT far off from the "dozens of pieces of information" already displayed on these types of fielded systems. "Most folks" would not be trained to operate the Helicarier or the Mark VII suit. Just like "most folks" don't fly planes or operate battleships. — robross0606

Our story: 1st photos from Iron Man 3 set reveal patriotic new armor

Your best comment: This is what happens when you put Cap's uniform and Tony's suit into a washing machine. — Celeste

Our story: Artist creates 9 Star Wars portraits entirely with paint splatters

Your best comment: "Han splattered first!" — putz

Our story: Guy who cosplayed as the Hulk couldn't get the geek makeup off

Your best comment: It's not easy being green. — Kermit

Our story: Forget Samuel L. Jackson--The Hoff says HE'S the ultimate Nick Fury

Your best comment: "D!ck Fury"?!?! Sounds like a character in a hero based p0rn flick! Hilarious...my stock in The Hoff just went up! — TheBoogieKnight

Our story: Avengers star responds to rumors he might return as the Vision

Your best comment: Coulson lives! Fury lies! They really shouldn't kill him off permanently. Coulson was an excellent addition to the Avengers movies. He's like Harley Quinn, a fan favorite that's been integrated into the story as a regular. — Brian

Our story: Michael Dorn pitching Worf-centric Trek pic: Here's what we know

Your best comment: I'd watch it, continuity be d*mn*d. Tell me a good story and I'll be happy. That means NO holodeck malfunctions, time-travel, god-like beings that are really computers, Federation starship hijackings, for starters. — Purvis

Our story: George Lucas leaves Lucasfilm to 'retire to my garage'

Your best comment: Oh goody! Maybe we'll get that Howard the Duck sequel we've all been waiting so patiently for (yes, that was sarcasm). — Allen