Focus is split between Earth and Mars on this week's Supergirl

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Alert! Full spoilers ahead for Supergirl Episode 303, "Far From the Tree."

We have two competing storylines this week: one on Earth, the other on Mars.

Let's start on Mars. After J'onn's vision of M'gann last week, he leaves immediately for Mars via his classic car that changes into a spaceship. Kara goes with him; Alex would go if she could survive. They arrive on Mars and are greeted by M'gann and the resistance group. They have a surprise for J'onn: One of the green Martian "internment camps" is still open and active, because there is one other green Martian alive: J'onn's father, M'yrnn. The reunion isn't what J'onn wants, because his dad has been tortured for the last 200 years, so he thinks J'onn is really a white Martian in disguise. The resistance is getting impatient because only M'yrnn knows the location of a dangerous staff and the white Martians want it.


There was something ... off about the Mars story. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just felt flat to me. Maybe it was because Supergirl fell by the wayside; maybe it was simply the pacing of the story. The plot dealing with the Mars story felt rushed. Most of the Mars story was spent either with J'onn arguing with the resistance group or trying to convince his father he was his son. He couldn't or wouldn't read J'onn's mind to see if he was telling the truth, yet he did so with Supergirl, to ensure she was a Kryptonian, not a white Martian.

Anyway, M'yrnn finally believes that J'onn is his son when he shares a memory only J'onn would know. It is a warm reunion, and M'yrnn finally leads them to the staff. The white Martians are already there, and Supergirl finally has some butts to kick. The fight seems a bit anticlimactic when Supergirl ends it by grabbing the staff and using it to blast the white Martians away. The resistance tells Supergirl and J'onn to take the staff back to Earth because it is too powerful and they have to be better than their enemies. J'onn also takes his father back to Earth.

Meanwhile, on Earth, there is a different kind of familial drama going on. Eliza is in town to hold a wedding shower for Alex and Maggie, and Maggie admits she hasn't spoken to her father since she was 14, when he found out she liked girls and kicked her out of the house. Despite this, Maggie loves her father and, at Alex's urging, calls her dad and invites him to the shower. He comes, and things are awkward between them, but he seems to be moving toward acceptance of his daughter's lifestyle. He even shows up to the shower, and seems to like Eliza and is impressed that Alex is a federal agent, but he sees Maggie and Alex kissing and he leaves. Maggie confronts him on the street and he tells her that he worked in a factory and got his ass kicked by white boys since the age of 11 so that he could build a respectable life for his family, and so his children would feel accepted. By being a lesbian, he feels like she is making herself a target. Maggie insists that she is accepted, but dad leaves anyway. Maggie has one more confrontation with him, in which she thanks him for coming to the shower, and for showing her that she doesn't need his approval anymore. This doesn't change dad's mind.


I liked this storyline better than the Mars stuff, but I think it was because the Earth story was paced better. While Mars had action and aliens, and Earth only had emotions (something I don't handle well), I appreciated that it didn't just have a standard happy ending. Maggie's dad didn't just suddenly change his mind when he saw how much love Alex and Maggie had for one another. And Maggie accepted this and finally has some closure. I still don't understand why people have a problem with homosexuality, but I am glad they didn't turn it into a ridiculous religious argument. It felt like an honest ending, not a sappy or schmaltzy ending.

The producers are really harping on this baby thing, though. Again, the fact that Alex wants kids and Maggie doesn't want kids comes up, but Alex promises she is okay with no kids. I hope they let this go, and Alex learns that there can be happiness without children, but you just know that's not going to happen.

What did you think of this episode? Did you prefer Mars or Earth this week?