Follow these 7 easy steps to make your own Iron Throne and rule Westeros

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Nov 21, 2013

Not content to sit in merely any chair, one intrepid Game of Thrones fan has built his own Iron Throne — and was nice enough to break down the process so you can, too.

I mean, who hasn’t wondered what it’d be like to sit on that glorious, sword-filled throne and look out over your own kingdom (or rec room)? All you need is a plastic chair, foam, some simple construction materials and paint — plus about three weeks of free time — and voila, an Iron Throne!

Plus you won’t have to deal with that lingering threat of potential assassination, so that’s good.

A user over at Instructables has put together a stellar guide explaining the ins and out of the construction process, which is fairly simple (but very time-consuming). Basically, you start with a plastic chair, frame up the swords with yardsticks, cut out the rest of the swords with foam, use straps to fill in the gaps — then get to painting.

Challenge accepted.

(Via The Mary Sue)

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