Following fan backlash, Fantastic 4 actress says she was (partially) misquoted

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Jul 17, 2014, 12:04 PM EDT (Updated)

In a recent interview with Esquire Mexico, Fantastic Four star Kate Mara tossed a bucket of fuel on the fire surrounding Josh Trank’s upcoming reboot. Now her publicist says that’s now (exactly) what she said.

Mara was quoted as saying the film “won’t be based on any history of anything already published.” Though fans were worried about the fact she also wouldn’t be reading any comics to prep for the job, it was the above comment that blew the top off the geeky corner of the Internet.

Now Entertainment Weekly has touched base with a representative for Mara, who clarified that she apparently told the Esquire reporter the film is “not based on one comic, but rather drawn from the entire canon.” Now, that makes a little more sense, and here’s hoping this is accurate and not just an “oh-crap” backpedal.

Though some fans have expressed reservations about Trank’s casting direction, with Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell joining Mara as Marvel’s First Family, we’ve been holding out until some more intel breaks on this thing. The cast is a talented group, and Trank showed he can make a good movie with Chronicle. Fingers crossed it all still pans out.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)