For the 30th Anniversary of Innerspace: 6 Hollywood true loves that started on set

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Jul 1, 2017, 3:00 PM EDT

Best known for his role opposite brother Randy Quaid in "the real life story of that crazy Quaid brother," Dennis Quaid hit the peak of sci-fi comedy in 1987 with Innerspace. It was at this re-imagining of the classic film Fantastic Voyage that Quaid first met Meg Ryan. 

Although they were together for over a decade, their relationship ended acrimoniously. So I decided to take a look at Hollywood romances started on the sets of sci-fi productions that actually have gone the distance ...


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Sometimes the worst situations can still foster sweet amour, such as when Otacon found love on a battlefield with Pat Benatar in my bizarrely esoteric shipfic. Such was the case for the 2011 not-so-great-even-if-you're-a-little-kid film Green Lantern.

It was on the set of Green Lantern that star Ryan Reynolds first interacted closely with Blake Lively. At the time, they were both involved with someone else (Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johannson, Lively had a boyfriend). By the end of the year, both had ended their relationships.

Although they have been private about their love life, this scene from Green Lantern says it all.


Freddy Prinze, Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Together since the turn of the century, Gellar and Prinze are one of Hollywood's most long-lasting romances. It was on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) that Prinze hooked SMG ... but in a loving way, not the gore-splattered way in which the main monster of the film hooked people.

So what first turned Prinze on to the vampire fighter that slayed his heart? According to Prinze, he was impressed that she actually ate on their first date, whereas most actresses would have chosen to fill up on water and their own smug satisfaction.

"And so Sarah came to dinner with me," Prinze told someone somewhere at some point in time, "and we sat down and she ate everything, including a crab that they let walk across the counter, then kill while it was alive in some oil and said, ‘It’s popcorn, try.’ And she ate it without even blinking, and I was like, ‘Yo, my girl is legit.'"



Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

While her star has dimmed ever so slightly, there was once a time before Jessica Alba was appearing in slapped-together films such as Spy Kids 4D (the 4D in the title reflects that, while watching the film, time will feel like it is passing agonizingly slowly). Back in the mid-aughts, Alba was top of the A-List in terms of ridiculously hot actresses, tapped to appear in the Fantastic Four films. She played a superhero who could turn invisible, which was my super power as a teenager at school dances.

At the same time that Alba was silver surfing off the peak of her career, Cash Warren was not-so-famous. Hell, he still doesn't even have his own Wikipedia page, even though he is married to Jessica F. Alba (the F stands for "freaking".) Warren wasn't even appearing in Fantastic Four; he was on-set as a member of the crew. Alba felt an instant attraction to Cash, the son of Hill Street Blues actor Michael Warren. "Right after I met [Cash], I called my best friend and was like, 'I met this guy and I feel like I’ve known him forever and I'm gonna know him for the rest of my life,'" said Alba in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

Warren and Alba were married in 2008 and have had marital bliss ever since (or, at least, the tabloids haven't picked up anything nasty to say about them.) Shortly after being wed, Jessica and Cash lived the dream of every newlywed couple: having a baby and selling its picture to OK Magazine for $1.5 Million.


Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Hayden Christensen spent plenty of time on- and off-screen with Rachel Bilson, as their characters were romantically intertwined in this teleporting thriller. Christensen, of course, is most famous for playing Anakin Skywalker; Rachel Bilson we all know from my friend Katie, whom I had to ask "Who is Rachel Bilson?" (apparently she appeared in The O.C.). The two fell fast in love and have remained happy ever since (except when they went on a break in late 2016, but they got back together so their love story still counts).


Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas

The Once Upon a Time actors fell in love at about the same time their characters did, and with equal rapidity. Unfortunately, they have managed to keep their relationship private, thanks partly to the fact that not many people really care. The only quote I could find from Josh Dallas reads like a person who can't separate TV from reality:

"Magical — on and off screen it was magical. I think that particularly the first season had that kind of quality to it. It was really exciting to play that couple, Snow White and Charming, that couple that has that real pure love from the start. I can remember now when we were shooting the pilot, we were shooting that scene where he rides up on the horse and she's asleep in the coffin and she's surrounded by the forest and she's, for all he knows, dead, and he goes to kiss her and she wakes up. I remember it started to snow when we were there and it seemed so symbolic and magical."

Actually, now we're kinda jealous.


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

Anna Paquin won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar when she was 11. Husband Stephen Moyer does not let this intimidate him, even though he himself has never won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Whatever their resumes, when these two got cast in the soon-to-be hit show True Blood, some true romance started to form (not the violent kind, though. I'd like to sarcastically thank Quentin Tarantino for causing me to have to explain that every time I mention "true romance," I'm not making a euphemism for severe battery). On the set of True Blood, it was love-at-first-bite (a love that soared to heights which exceeded the inverse of how low I felt making that love-at-first-bite pun). Moyer said "by day three or four ... I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her." That's super sweet and fills me with a faint sense of actual emotions. Then I learn that Moyer also directed a True Blood sex scene between Paquin and another man, and my full heart kind of drains into my stomach, leaving me feeling a bit sick.

But maybe it is I who can't understand, maybe I'm too old. In my day, proposing polyamory was just an easy way to get someone to break up with you, but now it's one of the boxes I can check while filing my income taxes. What does seem timeless is the decade-long love between Paquin and Moyer, which has lasted an eternity in Hollywood years (yet, ironically, only a brief instant in vampire years).

I like to speculate which of today's blossoming Hollywood love stories will go the distance. Kutcher & Kunis? Hudgens & Butler? Mayer and Whomever John Mayer is Using for Sex, This Week? Only time will tell.