Ford has patented a movie theater windshield for your robot-driven car

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Mar 10, 2016

With Google already testing driverless cars in the wild, its only a matter of time until we can punch in a destination and let the AI take us where we want to go. But what will we do stay entertained while the car is driving us around?

According to a Forbes report, Ford is already working on a solution to that problem.

The auto manufacturer has filed a patent for the “Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System,” which is essentially an ambitious entertainment system for your car, designed to give you something to do while the car drives you around. According to the patent, the system is designed to present media content on a first display while the vehicle is operating in the autonomous mode and on a second display when the vehicle is operating in a non-autonomous mode.

The “first display” is essentially a projection laid over the front windshield, with the content shifting to a small screen in the dashboard while you’re actually driving. The patent also allows for future vehicles where the front seats could be removed before an autonomous trip — basically turning the car into a literal driving theater. Which sounds kind of cool, and also kind of dangerous.

Obviously, we still have a long way to go until this is actually a feasible piece of technology (Ford is currently focusing on driver assistance, with the potential for full autonomy on highways or smart cities), but it shows manufacturers are already looking to the high-tech future of driving — and all the fun stuff we can do while robots ferry us around.

What do you think of the concept? How do you think the car will change as driverless vehicles eventually become the norm?

(Via Forbes)

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