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Forget Adamantium, DC now has Batmanium (seriously)

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Sep 13, 2017

So Batman is already doing everything in the known universe to thwart Barbatos in Dark Knights Metal, i.e. snatching up one of the most powerful metals in existence like it’s no big deal so he can hide it before the Grand Duke of the Ninth Circle can snare him with the Mantling. But it gets better.

That mystery metal missing from the Mantling lineup? The last one Batman will need to hijack in DC Metal #2 if he has any intention of not being used by the Strigydae as a doorway to summon a terrifying ancient entity from the bowels of…somewhere?

Batmanium. It’s kind of like like Plutonium if you subtract the Pluto and replace it with Batman. Yes, this is for real.

There are other metals Barbatos has been using in an incomplete Mantling that’s been affecting Batman for some time like a paranormal cold he can’t get rid of. The Caped Crusader managed to get his hands on Electrum when it was passed to him by the talons of the Court of Owls in their labyrinth. He found Dionysium in the Lazarus Pits, but not before he battled the Joker to death. Promethium was the one he used in his final machine to morph into Batman again. He is still examining its mysterious properties of Nth Metal, which he encountered when peering into the dark universe.


The fact that these metals now sound halfway normal compared to Batmanium is bizarre in itself.

So if Batman wants to save himself from the brutal ritual carried out by Barbatos’ high priests, he now needs Batmanium, but as you’d expect from an extremely rare substance that can also save your life and possibly the universe, he can’t just go prospecting for it. We find out from the servants of Barbatos that it can’t just be conjured in a lab with some superpowered atomic blaster. Fueled by the Powers Collider, this stuff is forged underneath Gotham not unlike Saruman’s Uruk-Hai in Lord of the Rings. Except metal can’t snarl and bare teeth.

If you got lost at “Batmanium”, DC Metal #2 was released today, but I can’t promise you still won’t still be left wondering what exactly is going on.


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