Porg dinner

Forget cuddling, Star Wars' Oscar Isaac just really wants to cook some Porgs

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Dec 8, 2017, 12:46 PM EST

Looming even larger than the Star Wars: The Last Jedi theories about Supreme Leader Snoke is the debate over Porgs. The cuddly little bird-aliens are a divisive addition to the expansive universe, but one of the film’s stars is rock-steady in his stance on them: Oscar Isaac is staunchly pro-Porg. The only twist is that he’s pro-eating Porg.

In a new interview with The New York Times about character relationships and working with director Rian Johnson, Isaac couldn’t help but jump in with a few cooking tips. “Porgs with roasted turnips. Glazed Porg,” Isaac offered — and when the interviewer attempted to move on, Isaac protested that he “was still talking about Porg recipes.” This seemed to be the norm, as his co-star Laura Dern commented that though she loved the puffin-thing’s E.T.-like eyes, “Oscar only continued to talk about different recipes.”

While actor John Boyega admits he's not a fan of them and actress Kelly Marie Tran adores them, the rest of the cast has been mixed on the puffin-based lifeforms. Isaac however, has been solidly focused on their consumption since — at the very least — an interview with Yahoo!

After Boyega proposed that if Porgs turned up in your kitchen, you’d likely eat them on instinct, Isaac reportedly “got behind that notion,” saying, “I think they’re lower on the evolutionary ladder than Ewoks. You’re not going to eat an Ewok.”

But a Porg? You could eat a Porg. Possible with turnips.

This came at the tail-end of an already lighthearted interview during which Mark Hamill poked a bit of fun at Disney’s rapid-pace production schedule when considering the nature of cliffhangers in the series.

“Would I know I lost my best friend? That’s all left up to the audience, and that’s in the great tradition of the cliffhangers that inspired George [Lucas] in the first place,” Hamill said, citing the “continued next week” nature of serialized TV. Hamill, rolling his eyes, continued, “But don’t worry, it’s only five months until the next one. Great marketing there, Disney. [Laughter] What are they going to do, fire me?”

What better place than a smorgasporg to take a friendly dig at your boss?