Forget Flashpoint, Grodd is bringing Gorilla City to The Flash this season

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Aug 16, 2016, 9:42 AM EDT (Updated)

The team behind The CW’s Flash has done an amazing job of incorporating Gorilla Grodd in a real, believable way (with killer effects for a TV budget) — and we’re glad to report the biggest Grodd story yet is coming this fall.

While speaking at the Television Critics Association this week, producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed Grodd will be making a return to the series in a two-parter that will finally introduce Gorilla City — aka Grodd’s official stomping grounds. In the comics, the city is hidden in the jungles of Africa and features an entire race of superintelligent gorillas. When last we left Grodd, he was sent to a reservation on Earth-2 with other gorillas who had been experimented on. Could that be the genesis of the Gorilla City we'll see here?

Kreisberg said they’ve been trying to play the long game with the Grodd story on Flash, planting seeds and building the mythology each season. Finally introducing Gorilla City is the payoff they’ve been heading toward all series. Here's an excerpt via Collider:

“I would liken the Gorilla City thing to Ra’s al Ghul. You know, you hear about ‘the man from Nanda Parbat’ in [Arrow] Season 1, and ‘the man who showed Malcolm the way,’ and then you met Nyssa, then in Season 3 you met Ra’s. So, it’s a long-term thing … Yes, we’re going to be doing a two-part episode that takes place in Gorilla City.”

The time-twisty Flashpoint arc might be the most important story this year, but Grodd could certainly be the most fun. The Flash returns to The CW on Oct. 4. No word on exactly when the Grodd two-parter will air, but we can’t wait to get a look at it.

(Via Collider)