Forget the Ghostbusters. It's the new X-Men LEGO set that everyone's gonna want

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Feb 6, 2014, 6:40 PM EST

What's that? You want as many references to X-Men minutiae as possible in one miniature Xavier mansion? DONE.

One week ago, we told you about an official 30th-anniversary Ghostbusters LEGO set. And at that point we thought that maybe it was time to pack in our LEGO dreams. What could possibly top those guys who you're gonna call when there's something strange in your neighborhood?

But there's a new proposal on the table. Much like the Ghostbusters concept, this idea also comes from LEGO's CUUSOO branch, which is basically the place where fans go to have their proposals voted on. Ghostbusters is getting turned into a reality a year after it was introduced, and now we're hoping this one will, too.

You read the headline -- it's the X-Men!

It's not just that it's the X-Men, though. It's the intricacy, the obsessive fan love, the attention to detail that will blow your mind. Just look at this!

You've got some Storm attic garden, Beast's got his lab, you can see some Stepford Cuckoos, Beak's hanging out on the roof, as is Cannonball ... I'm sorry, but this is way cooler than the Ghostbusters firehouse. Just look at the Danger Room on this bad boy!

But the best part is how this set pays homage to certain elements of the X-continuity. Specifically, there is a well-known scene from the Claremont days where Professor X shifts Kitty Pryde from the X-Men down to the younger team, the New Mutants. And she takes it really badly. Well, really badly for Kitty, anyway.

Right? You know what this is.

Paul Smith must have been dying when he penciled this page.

Anyway, not only do we wish this project will be approved and licenses arranged, but we want more. Tons more. Because despite how much detail is already here, the possibilities are endless.

(via Comics Alliance)