Forget the movies! There's a new Transformers TV series on the way

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Mar 18, 2014, 6:14 PM EDT (Updated)

Sure, Michael Bay’s explosion-filled take on Transformers is taking most of the attention these days — but it’s not the only robo game in town.

Apparently, the Hub Network is prepping a shiny new (currently untitled) Transformers series to debut in early 2015. The series will mark the franchise’s return following what will be a two-year hiatus at that point since the end of Hub’s Transformers: Prime. The series will blend 3D characters with hand-painted environments.

Continuity-wise, the series will pick up a few years after the final battle between Autobots and Decepticons that took place in Prime, and follow Bumblebee as he leads an all-new team of heroes. Hub Network is also prepping some Transformers specials for the franchise’s 30th anniversary this year, so keep an eye out for that.

The voice cast is set to include Will Friedle as Bumblebee, along with Darren Criss (Glee), Constance Zimmer (House of Cards) and Ted McGinley (Married with Children).

Transformers has been an animated and CGI staple ever since the original series became a massive hit back in the 1980s. Everything since has been hit and miss, though Prime was a critical hit, and we’re curious to see what Hub Network is putting together as a followup.

Will you be checking out the Transformers' latest animated adventure?

(Via HitFix)