Forget Halloween: today Twitter mourns Harry Potter's parents

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Dec 15, 2012

Today is Oct. 31, 2011. For most of us, that means it's Halloween—time for some costumed fun and candy. But for others, it's a more solemn occasion: the 30th anniversary of the death of Lily and James Potter. And these mourners have found a way to voice their grief through Twitter.

J.K Rowling's many fans have banded together on the social networking site Twitter and posted enough "RIP James and Lily Potter" messages that it's currently trending worldwide. But that's not all. These fans are calling for a Twitter hour of silence; in other words, no tweets at from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. GMT today.

This has already happened in England, home of Greenwich Mean Time, where Harry lives. And it may have worked, too: "RIP James and Lily Potter," which was trending this morning, dropped off the United States trends list.

Check out Twitter for the world's thoughts on the death of Lily and James, posted in a multitude of languages. Of course, we have a selection of tweets for you here. Some of them are quite poignant, while others are ... a little less so.

We're particularly amused by the tweets that decry how ridiculous it is to mourn fictional characters, because tagging "RIP James and Lily Potter" only adds to the trend.

(Of course, calling for a Twitter blackout of your trend kind of defeats the purpose of getting worldwide attention.)

kavidha_n Kavidha Natarajan
*sniffs* My craptastic exam paper aside, it's really hard because: RIP James and Lily Potter oh, and @Lord_Voldemort7 got snuffed by a baby.

TurnThe_Page Turn The Page Pub.
RIP James and Lily Potter is trending. Amazing to see how book characters have such an impact. Books are important.

Daniela Mayra
RIP James and Lily Potter . Well, mostly Lily, but James can also rest in peace if he wants to, no point in being a bitch about it.

@MasoomaAli1 MasoomaAli
The story starts with James and Lily saving their only son. The story ends with Harry saving the wizarding world. RIP James and Lily Potter

@PansyParkiinson Pansy Parkinson
and if anyone dares tweeting during the silence hour... feel the wrath of a slytherin! RIP James and Lily Potter.

@TeamStarKiddies Team StarKiddies
RIP James and Lily Potter. Thanks for sending us the Boy who lived and changed our lives, forever.

Kristen Avior Black
Hour of silence will begin shortly. Remember no tweets. You'll get Crucio-ed if you try. RIP James and Lily Potter.

Via TheHollywoodReporter.

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